About Memorial Walls

Our memorial walls for football clubs and crematoriums offer a high quality option at a fixed price within an attractive and dignified area.

A dedicated and personal service is provided by our professional team. Each wall has a full digital interactive aspect that builds memories for generations to come.

To remember and be remembered are natural human needs. Providing a permanent resting place for a loved one.

We understand and appreciate that bonds within a family are like no other.

“Dealing with the ashes of the cremated has opened up an enourmous debate. Whilst we as a nation are still feeling our way with cremation – it only became popular after the second world war. We need a credible alternative to the numerous unsatisfactory options that are currently available for the disposal of ‘loved ones’ ashes, where none offer a comparative memorialization as a body burial does.”
(BBC Radio 4 ‘Four Winds’ March 2015)

“As a nation we seem to have simply accepted that this is how it is, but if we were to step back and think about it, surely we deserve better when it comes to the ritual and dealing with the ashes of mortal remains”
(The Guardian, September 2015)

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